Bentley, Doncaster – the ultimate chavtown

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Doncaster is the capital chavtown in South Yorkshire. It has unique villages surrounding it – all breeding grounds for all the nob-eds, scrotes, chavettes, etc, and all the other scum in Doncaster.

Bentley is the biggest village in Doncaster. It is an ex-mining village that is in desperate need of re-generation and is pretty homophobic and racist. Driving around Bentley is like a safari because everywhere you go chavs and chavettes are all over the place getting upto allsorts. Even on the shockingly disgusting buses (63) that are provided there are chavs, g***s, etc everywhere. Because of large chav and teenage pregnancy numbers the buses run every 5 mins. As Bentley is a big village people have divided it into 3 sections New Village, Magnet estate and the infamous West end.

Bentley has all the facilities a young chav needs to mess up his life. A train station to wreck – which is used by young kids for BMX’ing, smoking and trespassing on train lines. The bike trail is also a popular place for chavs to illegally ride off road bikes. Getting a scooter will also get the Bentley chav huge cred (until it gets nicked or taken away by cops).

A shop called Londis that provides underage kids with VK, carling and smirnoff, which is a popular hangout for 15 year old chavs/chavettes. Bentley is also infested with take-aways so the chav cannot moan about being hungry. About 5 chinese takeaways, over 6 ‘chippys’, 2 pizza takeaways, 2 cafes etc. The result of all the food is the whole of Bentley being unhealthy ‘twats’.

Bentley doesn’t really come alive until weekends and nights when all the chavs have nothing to do except eat, take drugs, show off burberry and rings, cheat on girlfriend/wife for cheap slappers and shout at pregnant girlfriend. The local pubs are great if you want a fight with these chavs and to play snooker and darts. Usually all the Teens at night get pissed on fields (New Village school field and at the back of the Allotments) or risk going into town (only chavettes sometimes get into clubs without ID).

Chavs can also emigrate out of Bentley pretty easy and cause havoc in other parts of Doncaster (nearby Adwick, scawthorpe) or even in Leeds or Sheffield because of the train station.

The chavettes in Bentley usually wear Londsdale shirts and white tracksuits, there are also loads of ‘Kappa-slappers’. They are worse drinkers than the male chavs. Chavettes in Doncaster can easily down 4 bottles of WKD in 6 mins. Doncaster girls also have a bad rep for being scruffy cows. Please for gods sake use a Condom in Doncaster, or better yet – no one nighters in Doncaster.

Try and avoid Bentley when going to Doncaster.

Update from Admin:

Got this lovely email from a Bentley resident…

from    John Atkins <>
date    4 October 2008 14:26   
im from Bentley f**k face and that story is totaly wrong and out of order……please remove!!

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