Batley,west yorkshire

North EastYorkshire

Batley is chav central, their ultimate hangout being jessops, where they get pilled up whilst dancing around like idiots to their happy hardcore music! The batley chavs are true scrubbers, fake burberry, sovereign rings, reebok striped jumpers and nike air max classic trainers. The girl chavs from batley shop at miss cheif in neighbouring chav town dewsbury, where they wear cheap black platform boots, white lycra, sport croyden facelifts , black eyeliner and multi-coloured eyeshadows aplenty with the ultimate girl chav accessories, massive gold earrings and the gold clown necklaces! They all have rotting teeth, dirty fingernails and smoke lambert & butler fags. Other chav hangouts in batley are the dole office where they pick up their giro’s and also the family planning clinic on tuesdays and fridays, where girl chavs are either collecting free condoms or having the monthly pregnancy check up. Batley chavs usually hail from Wilton, Fieldhead or Carlinghow or from just out of Batley they hail from Chickenley, Dewsbury Moor or Windy Bank, all as equally rough as each other!

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