oh well,i’am trying to waste so much of my valuable time on the prehistoric pond life excrement that loiters in aylesbury.
whilst born and raised in the southcourt area,the observations on previous post are very much 99% correct.
the biggest empolyers in the town are the ***** and *********.whilst getting up for a days work of robbing,drug dealing and intimidation.
living on diets of wifebeater,skunk,and smack.all paid for by the working public.it is local folk ledgend that all orders over 30 quid in smack or skunk will be beliverd free of charge by some inept (travel company).
how we all should be glad to there employees,as they get us to do the graft,for them to reap the benifits.
but southcourt,is not the only area….walton court,elmhurst,etc.
as the summer months approach,what a delight.how i miss the lightness of the dark.burning rubbish bins,cars,and the occassional asian shopkeeper stating that it was a racist attack.

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