Where do i start…..**** town of the year basically! I think I have been there a few times to see my Father, i don’t know why i did now. You work through the shopping centre in Ashton and the smell of stale **** and ale takes your breathe away. At the other end of the shopping centre there is always some homeless guy singing and you can’t help but feel sorry for him, i wouldn’t want to live in them houses either.

The main **** “hang-out” I think is a big field at the back of “The Cresent,” up the road from the shop which is owned by an Asian family who don’t understand english money. On the field teens tend to go on about 11 o’clock and make as much noise as possible riding up and down on there half-a-motorbike they got with there pocket money they saved for a year. Apperently, according to my step-sister, somebody got raped on that field and ****** and you can still hear her scream in the night, oh and her blood is still on the footpath. Of course she dragged me out early in the morning to show me this “blood” but I’m pretty sure it was dog ****!

Cresent field is a big hangout for the **** population, kids running around looking like that havn’t had a bath in a month, teens bowling round thinking they are the hardest people in the shabby town, oh and how can i forget the infamous “boy racers” in their totally **** cars that their little wages could only afford and of course they smashed open the field gate so they can pull their cars up to attract attention.

How grim is your Postcode?

I think you should have a **** of town of the month award and maybe they could get it every month, i don’t think they have ever won anything, they wouldn’ know what the award means half of the people don’t or didn’t go to school.

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