LancashireNorth West

chavs hang eveywhere possable Macdonals Outside Cinema broadway bus staion outside jjb.

i was a vitim of a chav crime. about a year ago i got stabbed by sum lifeless sumbags, while i was waiting with my boyfriend for the 464 bus. all 3 of them where chavettes. after they stabbed me they all ran off, ( btw they where so brave they stabbed me while i had my back to them). i went for counceling for a few months which was hard, the police caought them that night but they never got sentenced and they are all still in accy free to do more crimes. 2 of the girls where 16 and the one who did it was 17. and the reason she did it was she was bored she told the police. i suffer from flash backs of that night and i also get spliting pain in my back.

i hate them all and one or all of ther *GANG* is gunna p**s me off so bad iam gunna hit them they are so spineless they have to pick on the ones who dnt flollow the FLOCK.

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