Top 10 worst places to live in England, Blackpool
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Lancashire, North West, United Kingdom

Up until the 80’s the town was still marginally habitable and family friendly. Nowadays it’s just an open sewer on so many levels. It has (unsurprisingly) the biggest drug problem in the country (yes, even bigger than Britain’s most renowned city’s) which is remarkable considering the fact it still doesn’t have a high enough population to be classed as a city. In a desperate move, the council appeals every couple of years for Cackpool to be classified as a city, in order to gain more publicity for tourists, yet fails every time. Then again, the drug issue should come to no surprise due to the poorly regulated nightclubs, for there will always be a handful of corrupt doormen who allow the twattage to slip through the twat filter. Such nightclubs will always attract these generic, drug-dependent pussies who severely lack the confidence to be themselves. Then again, how dare people not have a good night out without the right to knife someone without provocation, or in order to “pull” that bottom-barrel, easy going fat slag leftover of the night, via impressing her, followed by an unlicensed dog-meated kebab for afters. Add to this the large groups of loudmouthed, overconfident, binge-drinking twats who arrogantly refuse to acknowledge their lifestyle to be a form of alcoholism (if not worse). Still, they only tend to see sense by the time they reach their 30’s, by which time they cue in line for a kidney transplant, if lucky.

After 6pm many swinging parks tend to be infested by large gangs, particularly on weekends. I’d like to use to use the term “youths” to describe them but they are clearly in their late teens to early 20’s, even mid 20s. Disturbingly, such groups will “tag” these playgrounds as their domain. The most pathetic of sights is to watch them shamelessly chat up groups of 14 year old girls who watch on in wide-eyed amazement as aforementioned adults arrogantly recite their criminal record, or at least, what they claim to have “done time for”.

One root of the problem is clearly the council. They would rather squander millions on useless, hideous sculptures that are placed randomly on the promenade and town center, with the sole purpose of being vandalized just for looking the way it does.

The cherry on the cake being is that they are now trying to turn Blackpool into a European version of Las Vegas, not taking into account the further problems it would cause with all of the benefit fraudsters / “skint m8” wasters and junkies it would attract by default. Additionally, the council gets paid substantially to re-house incurable criminals from all over the country, ranging from aggressive junkies, anti-social pricks, alcoholics and last but not least – pedophiles . Naturally, these decisions make decent tenants kick up about the safety of their children. but such complaints always get rebuffed.

The 2 worst areas are, in order, Grange Park and Queens Park. In a retarded move, many vulnerable single mums are located to Grange park and often become victim of endless harassment and anti social arsec*ntery by their less than welcoming neighbours. Queens Park on the other hand was so bad that there is now an office of security guards patrolling the area on a daily basis. This however never seems to prevent booze fueled fights breaking out on weekends. On a regular basis these security guards have bricks thrown at them from a safe distance, and are met with constant taunts and verbal abuse by gangs of youths for not allowing the estate to be run down. Initially the company that employs them had a few corrupt guards who actually let junkie scum through on grounds of personally knowing the drug addicts, who wanted to gain access to the blocks to meet their dealers. In turn this made the problem worse. On top of this these handful of corrupt guards had the nerve to berate decent (often vulnerable) tenants just to make it look like they where doing their job. Thankfully they got rightfully fired, albeit not punished.

The problem with such areas is the retarded “grassing” code that so many dicks adhere to. If you report someone for committing a crime, you get vilified and harassed. Yet any experienced cop will tell you that many of these who claim to adhere to this code would sell out their friends under the right circumstances in a heartbeat, such as getting a “hit” (i.e heroine) or just to save their own skin.

Also, it would appear that bus shelters and phone boxes have some sort of strong, magnetic material mixed into the glass that strongly attracts baseball caps and track suits, to the point of getting smashed up on impact, or so the wearers of such attire will have you believe.

My greatest sympathies goes out to the (legitimately) homeless, who are treated worse than dog s**t by uppity middle-class snobs and superiority-complex ridden chav gimps alike. When not having their nose turned up by the former, they are kicked when down, spat on, urinated on, or (in some cases) set on fire for sport.

For those delusional knobjockeys who want to deny there is a problem, (usually spouted by those who don’t even live here) please do the required research on all my claims, particularly the part on how more pedophiles are re-housed here than anywhere else in the country for “protection”, despite them re-offending time and time again.

All in all Blackpool is a bit s**t.

  • I’ve lived in some dos holes in blackpool and I have to say Walter Robinson was a killer!!! Worst place I’ve ever lived in. I upgraded to a place on clevedon road in Claremont. That was a hard mans estate. F**k I didn’t think Claremont was to bad. But f**k it’s shittiest s******e going. Hate blackpool

  • Damian

    30 gunchester
    29 ladywod
    28 Pelham
    27 grange park estate
    26 mereside blackpool
    25 gleadless valley
    24 Brits row
    23 lensington avenue
    22 gates row
    21 meat abbey

  • Damian

    20 Bloomfield.
    19 Kensington
    18moss side
    17 central drive
    16 anfield
    15 Claremont
    14 ribbon side
    13 rylys
    12 Camden
    11 west ham
    10 urban district
    9 queens square
    8 queens park
    7 riverside
    6 inslington
    5 Croydon
    4 Lambeth
    3 brooks road
    2 bootle estate
    1 hakney

  • Stephen Stone

    blackpool isnt to bad grow the hell up ive lived here for the past 10 years just because u got iddiot to live here dont mean everyone are idiot as my wife is born and bread in blackpool and she is the most loving caring person i know and so all my friends throughtout the whole of blackpool and if u watch on the news properally most the iddiots that course trouble in blackpool are iddiot who arnt from blackpool out drinking for the night for get a grip and i can tell u one thing ive lived in brighton to and i can tell u one thing its certanly worst then blackpool

  • Dougie

    2pm Sunday afternoon with the sun blistering down.
    Stanley Park Blackpool. PERFECT X

  • Dave

    It is spot on what has been sed, I lived in Layton in 2006, it was terrible, discarded needles like I’ve Neva seen before, drug dealers, stabbings, I’ve seen the security guards myself, if the writer is from Preston then he knows blackpool 100%, I moved from manchester and saw a needle the first day I arrived, and most days after that, near my sons school, my house, the shops etc, and he’s right it’s the council to blame for letting the sh*t in as most of the vermin are from cities around Britain, it cud be changed but I think it’s too late cos of the councils greed, they should hang their heads in shame, I bet none of them live in blackpool.

  • EscapeArtist

    I live in Blackpool and agree with all of the above. For anyone with anything about them, it’s a case of getting the hell out and taking your life forward elsewhere. Blackpool is a dingy, largely uneducated cesspit. Alcoholism, violence, and drugs have clearly taken over every level of the town’s infrastructure. I always describe it as the house on the road with an open door party policy – come in, smoke in it, make a mess in it, shag in it, get high in it, and then bugger off leaving your mess in it. Because you won’t have to clean it up later so why bother.

  • marc

    I have lived in blackpool all my life since 1989. Clearly the muppet who wrote this is from Preston. Blackpool might have drug addicts as does every town/city in the country but it is not the worst in the country by a ling shot. As for stabbings, if someone is stabbed here it’s normally front page news as it is so rare. There is no graffiti anywhere near anything new in blackpool. There are rough areas as in any town, but I would gladly walk through grange park or queens at night rather than through Manchester Liverpool Birmingham London bristol etc etc the list goes on. Anyone who reads this make your own decision because most of the above it sh*te

  • Claire tait

    I lived Blackpool 1998 had whale of a time yes was
    Rough but loved it stayed in elm house where
    I met lots people yeah looking back was prob
    Dregs but was great time but I got into trouble
    With police and they were harsh then
    I live in Dorset now which people say is great
    But I love the north I’d never live Blackpool with
    My son as know it’s rough but I’d live manc when son
    Grown up

  • Thing 1

    I live in Blackpool and grange park queens mereside ect are really the only bad places and if you werent born here you have no real right to slag it of you idiots come to the parts where the normal people live not the chavs……….. Rant over.