ystrad mynach


If there were to be an earthquake or an atom bomb to go off, I would choose my once beloved town of Ystrad to bear the brunt! Sorry you nice people out there!! But it’s gotta be done. as the previous commentator described it, this which once was a really nice little place, is now **** paradise.

Hang outs:

– The chippy by the hair salon

– the beech pub (breeding haven for ****’s and *********)

– the bus stop (by day usually) by the barber shop opposite da library (still puzzled as to what it’s really there for apart from hide from the local pc plod)

– the back alley (by night usually) that connects the (still weird building that is…) the library and the offy.

– the bench by the church opposite somerfield…

well…….every where really!

ystrad comes with a school for girls, a resource pool for many a desperate 16 yo **** bag to go play “dipping the willy” after half three and a few shots down the beech pub.

THE,( I beleive), focal point for scallies, has to be the afore-mentioned public establishment; the Beech. It’s unique position (near the greasy chip shops and the girls school) and lax opening hours(forget licensing since the cop shop closed years ago) make it ideal for young ***** to congregate and speed off to tesco at silly o clock for a few spins innit!!

I am loving dissing this pub after having been involved in a “dispute” with one of the locals (****) simply because I actually have a brain that’s been working for the past 24 years.

the train station (or after hours brothel) does, i can confirm, provide a safe haven for 14 yo alcy’s to carry out their night shifts, selling any thing they can lay their greasy little mits on! this does include screen wash in a disused strongbow bottle, kitchen knives and lawn mowers. anything that hasn’t been bartered during the night before the last train to Kairdiff (cardiff,the capital of chavland) will be , of course be left in the park (by the swings) to burn and keep our little prats warm. Awwwww!

just a little word of advice; if ever you’re driving a heavy car like mine, don’t stop at the zebra by the Beech, ….go on….floor it, you’ll know you’ve done a civic act of bravery in the name of all normal people.
you can also shout out “Bullseye” and display the burberry cap as a trophy!

more ideas welcome.

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