woodside if you didnt know is in telford (the **** capital) i have the pleasure of living in this most wonderful of places, with a beautiful view of the ****-flats. The best part of the whole thing is that i have “one of them” as a younger sister, so i also have them invading my house and personal space every friday after their weekley binge-drink.
now back to woodside…….. OMG the first day i moved to this god forsaken place, i had a **** in the making throw stones at me!!!

the **** epicentre is the chip shop and chemists (waiting to mug lil’ old ladies i expect) nearby is the dolphin inn, a small public house that resembles some sort of insitution with its boarded up windows and metal doors. my brother being one of its local customers.

“the park inners” are the godfarthers of woodside, with their trophy wives at their side (blode hair, big earings, to much make-up) and their childeren, who in a few years time will become the new and less educated “woodside boys & girls”.

How grim is your Postcode?

i am unfortunate enough to have chosen the ways of the darkside, i am what you would call a “GREBO” “GREASY LONG HAIRED ****” or “MOSHER” and my personal favourite insult is THE SPITTING ON. by living in woodsied i fear that my life is in danger, my previous school has recently had three stabbing and a member of staff was pummled by a wall of ***** but mentioning no names (lord silkin) is getting worse, as the last of our kind leave this year. leaving nothing but the *****! *****! and more *****!

this is just one part of telford, i will be sure to post the other areas i have had the delight in visiting or having pals living in.

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