Woking: good train links to London apart from that it’s a sh*thole

Woking is a large town in the centre of Surrey. It is only known for having good train links to London. Other than that, Woking is a complete sh*thole. Woking is home to some of the worst addresses including Sheerwater, Maybury and Knaphill, all littered with *****- usually aged 8 or so, acting like some next level thug.

Seeing teens riding their stolen mopeds is a common sight too in Woking. Every teen in Woking are drug users [yeah, this probably isn’t true – Ed], smoking cannabis regularly in the town centre, while flicking their greasy blue hair and flaunting every piercing on their body. Despite most schools having good reputations, most educated families avoid Woking by living and traveling to surrounding towns such as Guildford or Camberley which are much more civilised.

The council has also made a mess of the town centre. Every other shop is closed, the Debehans is **** and there aren’t any good brands there. The council are trying to fix this by building an M&S [yeah, the council doesn’t construct buildings for PLCs – Ed] , but instead the construction has just put everyone off of the town centre even more! The buildings are all ugly pieces of sh*t, causing even more traffic and disruption. Someone needs to let the council know that the M&S completed in 20 years time just won’t be worth all the disruption.

Also, in most towns, there is some form of Upper class or upper-middle class, however Woking is exclusively for ***** ONLY!!! Pretty much everyone in Woking is a ****, regardless of how much money they have. The Wetherspoons pub demonstrates this perfectly [that is is not the case, for legal reasons]. They would steal the gold fillings out of ur teeth if they could.

If you want my honest opinion, avoid Woking, visit Guildford, Camberley or Farnham instead or else some pink haired **** might mug you. at least some of these other towns are civilised.

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