Weybridge the wealthy town, but that’s just the council

Weybridge has always been seen as a wealthy town, a town for the rich and famous to reside but having lived in weybridge for quite a few years, it would seem [in the author’s personal view and not that of iLiveHere, take note EMC legal] the only real wealth is Elmbridge Borough Council.

The rich and famous hide is prestigious estates the common man can only dream of visiting. The normal everyday people, the people you see in the high street or frequenting the restaurants are those working class normal people. You see weybridge is nothing to look at, pothole riddled roads, local ch@vs, a mass of school children at 3.30pm in Morrisons and the local dives “charming establishments” such as the Elmbridge arms. It’s charity shop galore also!

Elmbridge council on the other hand are in Esher (another affluent area) sitting in their ivory tower, waiting for yet another year to roll by without doing the necessary work. For a council who is classed as one of the richest in the UK, they cannot even provide a tree for the town centre at Christmas!

Weybridge is a town you’ll be disappointed to visit and thankful to leave, no good morning, hello, no acknowledgement of any kind but that’s because we’re so busy trying to keep afloat to pay the councils tax they so badly need! Weybridge is best left to those hiding in St. George’s hill and those living in the one and only tower block at the expense of everyone else!

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