West Byfleet, a town dominated by rich middle class *****

Living in West Byfleet, Surrey

West Byfleet, a town dominated by rich middle class ***** living in neighbourhoods such as dartnell park. The offical car of west byfleet is a merc or an audi, if you have neither you clearly dont belong here.

Pointless shops such as Heather Forster and the numerous restaurants along the highstreet struggle to compete against big businesses like waitrose and superfish.

Everyone in West Byfleet is either retired or middle aged. The only youth culture is ***** from New Haw’s fullbrook secondary school waiting to get the bus to the great sh*thole that is Byfleet.

How grim is your Postcode?

West byfleet residents only socialise with people from neighbour town Pyrford, this is mainly because it’s the only town that shares the same amount of middle class tory twats looking down their noses on anyone that drives a Vauxhall. Bottom line is, unless you have a ridiculous salary and can afford to live here, just piss off somewhere else because West Byfleet wont want you!