Whitstable, Kent


I have lived in Whitstable all my life and really can’t understand why so many posh people go there on holiday, I know its because people say ‘the town has character’ but seems like for all the wrong reasons, the town tries so hard to be different and in doing so young people have hardly anything to do. Which obviously pisses the high **** population off because every night you’ll find millions of drunk ***** around the high street, the park and the beach (seriously avoid whitstable beach at night!). But it isnt only a problem at night, I have once almost had a beer bottle thrown in my face and that was only at 5 in the afternoon! The closest thing Whitstable has to a nightclub is the brewery bar which I’m surprised is even still running as every night at least 10,000 fights get started and people are always getting stoned and pulling whiteys. You would have thought ***** would start to vanish when house prices here went up dramatically here (i think its just because a few celebs moved here), but if anything this has made the problem worse!

By: Whitstable

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Top 50 worst places to live in England 2021