Written by Anonymous. Posted in North West

Westleigh is next door to chav world of Wigan.
It is home to the scabbyest place on earth ‘Westleigh Estate’ a big estate of crappy council houses that smells like sewage.
This is where all our chavs are born and bread.
They like to walk to the corner shop 15 times a day and smoke weed, drink and threaten people for fun.
What sad lives they lead. I feel sorry for them, not.
Shoot em all.
The favourite phrase of the chavs in Westleigh is the excellent phrase ‘or ney’ one of the stupidest things to say, most people take the piss out of chavs in Westleigh for saying this.
The genereal word ‘ney’ is probably the most complex word in the vocabulary of our chavs, this word is the reply to anythin you say to the chavs. eg. ‘You are stigs, go die and burn’ says normal person.
‘Ney’ says chav.
Gud ‘innit’.

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