Written by Anonymous. Posted in North West

right were i live, the is a load ov plazi gangsta’s hu hang out in the kenk ouses sitting smoking weed and talking about benifits. As u stroll down college road u c kids standing out side off licenses asking people to get them sum ale or ciggies. as i walk around the parks in the area i see chavs with there fat girlfriend and there big bastard dogs anstand their scrating their bollocks.(i guess dats were there brain is like)
there must be somethink going on the if a lad is standing in a gang ov uda lads rubbing his knob, (maybe hes cort sumin off his fat ass chavette)

if u walk down an ally ur boud to fal ova 2 minors shagging usal doggy still the the cheap bastard lad can’tget afford a jonny.

i tell thee so others shudnt av 2 see dis or 2 watch out for this coz chav is an epidemic and if we act now we can kill dem and we shud report dem to da police bout der denifit fround or close down jjb.

we can achieve this coz we got more gcses dan dem. this is from a conserned skater coz i want to walk down da street with me pants sagged and not get huled with abulse bout me ass peace out tanks 4 readin this message of pure hatered of chavs.

burryberry helped corse this and we can end it we all no wat a chav looks like and behaovours like this cant go on people we can get rid of this by killin wolly backs in southport aswell

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