North West

waterfoot-rossedale, this must be one the most backward little misery holes in the uk.The local yokels of this little traffic ******** townstead spend there days congregating outside many of the 10 takeaways that line the filthy streets.The cut of **** that inhabits this village is not what you call a classy ****.the **** ****** kids,usally hail from the staghills estate-or edgeside-each as ****** and depressing as each other.the backward looking ***** of this area just drink,eat pizza,ride the **** mobile[bus]and smash bottles.the main saloons in this village[wild west]are the railway,and the masons arms.both ******** with scrubbers akimbo.rossendale was once nice ,but now its downright skankerific-and just plain **** ,jobcenter-bus ticket-wkd,s-kebabs-smashed bus shelters-mingin women-smack eds-ahhh the delights of the rossendale valley!

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2020