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Recently had the privilege of visiting Gumbet in Turkey. (Not my choice)

Lets just say..the country is very chav-friendly.

Every shop inĀ Gumbet was a fake goods shop, we’re talking nasty bags, tshirts, jeans, sunglasses….anything you can think of that would be classed as designer in the UK, you can buy as a fake in Turkey. (Although the Turkish will not admit to it being fake) I’ve never seen so many chavs abroad.

All the chavettes had the (lovely) braided hair…which again you can get in Turkey…I was pestered enough to see if I wanted it done as well. NO THANK YOU. All the men (as well as bright pink skin) had little slits done in their hair…again, this is done in Turkey.

Turkish people are a pain in the ass because they think all British people are chavs and will try to get with any girl that sets foot on their land.

Clubs and bars are easily avoided because I think you’ll agree, watching chavettes all over the Turkish men is not a pretty sight, plus you can’t just sit down and have a nice drink without them hassling you for a dance.

All Turkish restaurants menus consist of is pizza, fish and chips, and engish breakfast, and we saw a lot of chavs tucking in most morning!

If you can’t stand chavs, do not go to Turkey for a holiday, it is NOT relaxing, and they will drive you crazy.

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