San Antoni is a crusty scab on the face of the fine island of Ibiza

Living in San Antoni, Ibiza

Ibiza is a lovely island. A paradise of pretty villages, rolling pine covered hills and some of the finest beaches in the world. San Antoni is unfortunately a particularly crusty scab on the face of this fine island. Upon approaching the town you will instantly feel a mixture of dread and disappointment. The grey dilapidated […]

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Douglas, isle Of Man, Think of 1950s East Berlin crossed with North Korea

Living in Douglas, Isle Of Man

Think of 1950s East Berlin crossed with North Korea. It needs painting badly. It’s busy for a few weeks each year when the hotels actually have visitors. For the rest of the year, it’s a desolate landscape populated by alcoholics, drug addicts and brain dead no hopers who count paper clips in banks for tax […]

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Tasmania, Australia

OK well you poor normal citizens of England aren’t the only ones suffering 🙁 Here in Tasmania there is a city of around 70,000 people called Launceston. The ***** here are called bogans or less often wiggers, or, to get another idea, look up ‘Tasmanian Bogan’ on urban dictionary. These burdens on society hang out […]

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Dublin (northside)

Please note: I am not referring to the many respectable areas of the northside of Dublin, I am refferring to the north city centre and the surrounding inner city areas that plague it. If you are a tourist visiting Dublin, there are a number of areas in the northside of the city centre you should […]

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Canadian ***** in Cuba

I thought Chavness only applied to Britain, however after spending a fortnight in Cayo Coco in Cuba I was proved completely wrong. The good thing they say about Cuba is that Americans cannot go there, well even Americans have more class, dignity and dress sense than Canadians. Most are fat – yes similar to Americans […]

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Perth, Australia

OH no surely not.Chavism is hitting this fine land of good beaches good wine and marcupials. Just when i thought 10500 miles would be enough to move to finally get away from the *********** of burberry clad **** that wonder countless shopping centres in the UK, you only have to go as far as Perth to […]

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Turkey…..No1 **** holiday

Recently had the privilege of visiting Gumbet in Turkey. (Not my choice) Lets just say..the country is very ****-friendly. Every shop in Gumbet was a fake goods shop, we’re talking nasty bags, tshirts, jeans, sunglasses….anything you can think of that would be classed as designer in the UK, you can buy as a fake in Turkey. […]

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Yep, there is no escape in France, because the Eurochav is here. Heading out of Paris on the train toward that beautiful Normandy coastline for example you’ll come along the delightful town of Mantes la Jolie, distinguishable by the latest French art nouveau of torched cars, graffiti ridden walls and stunningly beautiful tower block architecture. This charming place is home to […]

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Cape Town, South Africa

**** comes to Cape Town! Living, as I do, in one of the world’s greatest and most scenic cities, it galls me that chavism has reared its putrid head in the neighbourhood. Of course, Chavism crept up on Britain through the ages, but here it arrived like an avalanche, after years of cultural isolation, caused […]

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