Written by Anonymous. Posted in Wales

Treorchy in the Rhondda is chav infested. Although here, people don’t even know what a chav is!! The reason being that everyone is a chav! There are no posh folk, as the place is working class and unemployment is rife! Everyone is spotted in tracky bottoms of various sporting makes, a strip ellesse t shirt and the whitest of white trainers! The birds, who dress in the usual chav clobber, big hooped earrings etc etc. Some are genuinely quite fit, but most have kids! Best part of any chavette is her fringe… A big fringe curled and sprayed with a ton of hair lacker! Classy!! As the chavs turn about 16, (been drinking for 5 years now!) they decide to grow up a bit and wear jeans, the old Ben Sherman shirt is thrown out and they do generally look better. They then class themselves as catalogue boys. Although they have the same mentality of going down to the local nightclub ‘the banc’ on a Friday and Saturday and fighting with the same people as the weekend before, they are nicer people! Walking home from pub late at night, get a little lad, can’t be no older that twelve asking you for a fag, threatening to hit you, then riding passed you on his bike (which is too big for him) and kicking you as he passes! Fighting in Treorchy is on scale with anywhere in Britain, some hard people live here, and like to let the fact be known!
Still though, I wouldn’t have Treorchy any other way!

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