How Torbay isn’t on here I don’t know, okay so Torbay isn’t technicly a town or a city but a collection of towns and villages that are kind of glued together. Torbay is made up of five or more towns the best known being (size order):

Torquay- The largest town, with all the shops, Torquay is the place the chavs and everybody else goes when they want an okayish shoppping trip but can’t be fucked to go somewhere decent. Torquay is where the slutty female chavs gather to buy clothes and hang out, it is also the place with all the nightclubs and alcohol are and, during the night drunk and passed out chavs.

Paignton- Next largest, Paignton is where the skatepark filled with skateboarder chavs and little chav wannabes hang out. Less critical situataion than Torquay but it has paignton community college which is home to the majority of the bay’s teen pregnancies. In the various sections of paighnton there is a flux in the number of chavs depending which housing estate your in.

Brixham- fewer chavs here but still quite a few. Sometime if you wonder past the swimming pool just after school you can see 12-16 year old chavs smoking in their uniformand stuff along those lines. Thepopulation in brixham is slightly more normal but there is a clear emo/goth culture as well but in the last few years they have become less noticeable.

Churston: Small have pub and posh grammer school and yeah don’t know much bout’ Churston

Galmpton: t’s next to Churston

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