Burscough: Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

Living in Burscough, Lancashire

Where do I start with this awful town, pushed slap-bang in the middle of the polar opposites Rufford (full of posh people) and Ormskirk (full of ne’er-do-wells)? First things first, the **********. There’s an article on Burscough which talks quite a lot about Burscough’s “Bad Breeding” (which was the name of the article), so I […]

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Burscough’s Bad Breeding

Living in Burscough

Burscough the incest capital of Britain.Don’t ever visit this place and definitely don’t pick up a girl at a bar because the chances are you’re related to her. They say everyone is related in Burscough. It is littered with ugly, deformed children everywhere! You go to places like Blackpool which is littered with rubbish, Burscough […]

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