Burscough’s Bad Breeding

Burscough the incest capital of Britain.Don’t ever visit this place and definitely don’t pick up a girl at a bar because the chances are you’re related to her. They say everyone is related in Burscough. It is littered with ugly, deformed children everywhere! You go to places like Blackpool which is littered with rubbish, Burscough is littered with *******! 99% of the genes in Burscough are the same. Common features with the ****** ******** is that they have a colossal noses, wonky eyes, massive foreheads, extremely hairy and if you call them fat they deny it each time! Oh and never bring up the subject of *** to them because they freak out! Mainly because they’re used to doing it with their cousins…

They often have no common sense and are likely to be hit by a car, they have speech impediments and takes them up to 4 years to get their driving licenses… They have numerous schools around the burscough/Ormskirk area such as [name removed for legal reasons] which is where they are [allegedly] taught their corrupt *** education which is often described as ‘f*cked up’.

Burscough has two Train stations: Burscough Bridge and Burscough Junction, where they are likely to fall onto the tracks! Tesco, Burscough, is where they are often seen congregating in their wild packs. Women are also seen breastfeeding a lot around the village. They’re often seen in the local pubs having non alcoholic drinks. The local Post Office was raided by some of the *******, but they didn’t get locked up because they were [allegedly] related to the Police Officers!! That’s how ****** this disgusting, ****, pathetic excuse of a village it is, along with some parts of Ormskirk.

Pool is the most popular sport around Burscough and every ****** f*cker thinks they’re Ronnie O’Sullivan and a true champion, when in reality they can’t even hit the ball with the cue because they’re that f*cked up… They’re often against Skemersdale ‘Skem’ because they’re rivals with them and Skem want to be the most ****** village!

The population of this village is roughly between 8000 and 9000 specimens which needs to be decreased! My eyes can’t bare looking at these creatures anymore. The local barbers can’t cut your hair because they’re so f*cked… They gave me a f*cking 0 all over when all I asked for was a trim! It really does some up the disgusting ****** City, Burscough!

Burscough Out!

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