Living in Skelmersdale

Enter Skelmersdale Alive… Leave With A Posthumous Medal Of Bravery

Welcome to Skelmersdale. A town that will re-arrange your internal organs with its never-ending roundabouts.

Living in Lathom, Skelmersdale

Lathom: A tale of sheep, fields and banging your own siblings

If I'm perfectly honest, I think it's safe to say we can call Lathom the arsehole of the Universe.

Living in Burscough

Burscough’s Bad Breeding

Burscough the incest capital of Britain. They say everyone is related in Burscough. It is littered with ugly, deformed children everywhere!

Living in Mawdesley, Lancashire

Mawdesley. Home to every boss you hated.

Mawdesley, an inbred, featureless, scuzzy hole in the arse end of Lancashire for scrap metal dealers and white collar fraudsters made good.

Living in Skelmersdale, Lancashire

Skelmersdale, there are 100s of roundabouts & subways, home to pyromaniac scousers

Once you hit Skelmersdale you will first start to notice our beautiful "art sculptures" which are basically twisted heaps of concrete.