Burscough: Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

Living in Burscough, Lancashire
Living in Burscough, Lancashire

Burscough: Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

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Where do I start with this inbred-filled heap of sh*te, pushed slap-bang in the middle of the polar opposites Rufford (full of posh b@stards) and Ormskirk (full of chavvy b@stards)?

First things first, the inbreeding.
There’s another article on Burscough which talks quite a lot about Burscough’s “Bad Breeding” (which was the name of the article), so I don’t want to dwell on it for too long. But f**k me (unless we’re related in any way, in which case please do not) there’s a lot to dwell on.

Burscough are, in a way, the inbred laughing stock of West Lancashire. It’s not the rural dumping ground that Latham is, and it’s not the coastal ketamine paradise that Southport is, so as a result the world has dictated that there must be some stereotype attached to it, just as grossly offensive as the Welsh shagging sheep or the people writing these articles being hate-filled sods. Hence, Burscough-dwellers are inbred.

Note how I say “Burscough-dwellers”. Not “people from Burscough”. Not “Burscough citizens”. No. The poor wretched souls confined to the depths of the middle-class home of immigrant c***s and bad traffic are not quite worthy of being deemed citizens, nor people. They are merely dwellers, dwelling in the most wretched hive of s**m and villainy ever to grace this already scummy and villainous area.

Next up: the education system.
I’ve gone through the best education that Burscough has to offer. I spent my childhood in Lordsgate Township, forced to watch the other children playing at Richmond Park, simply a fence keeping us away from the fun.

Afterwards, I spent my adolescent years sad, lonely and depressed, at the ever-wonderful Burscough Priory Science College – or as it’s called now that it’s [allegedly] delved so deep into sh*ttiness that the Rowan Learning Trust [allegedly] had to jump in and save it, Burscough Priory Academy.

It’s not just the opinion of the students that form the belief that this school is a mess, either; Ofsted themselves, the Boogeyman of the educational world, rated them
during my time there. It’s ‘inadequate’ rating was because it was so oversaturated with the problem children being kicked out from their other schools, that over time the people from Burscough became a minority. The c***s, drug addicts and 15 year old psychopaths ruled the roost. And it wasn’t just in the school, either. The change became worryingly noticeable in the streets, as gangs of skin-headed boys stoned out of their minds roamed the streets in desperate search of the next, *cough*, “ciggie”, terrorising any poor b@stards who happened to be crossing their domain, namely:

  • Outside Spar
  • Outside Tesco
  • In front of the “Burscough” sign next to the bridge
  • The memorial

… and anywhere else they saw fit. Nobody is safe.

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