Uppermill – Saddleworth’s Dumping Ground

Living in Uppermill, Saddleworth, Greater Manchester

I remember Uppermill as a kid when it was picturesque, friendly and village like. Part of the Saddleworth villages, it truly has gone down the sh*tter. There has always been a few good pubs there and the ner-do-wells from Oldham would come up on a Saturday, eat their ice cream in the park and then […]

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Saddleworth, home of the Mancunian ‘Yuppie’

Living in Saddleworth

If the people make the area then Saddleworth is the tumor in t’moors. Formerly within the Shire of York, before being sucked into the Greater Manchester sewage farm, our rural parish is not only in a conflict of which county we’re in but there is also an all-out war between the feral, drunken youths and […]

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