Strood, Rochester, Kent

Living in Strood

After a night out with a few friends to the local nightclub, me and two others begun the search for a taxi and for a safe journey home. After stopping for a few minutes one of my friends was pushed over for no apparent reason. When the so called adult was questioned about his behaviour he explained by saying that he wanted to. Now I ask what sort of answer is this and where is the logic behind such physical violence?? My dear friend had done nothing to provoke the young rebel from Strood. Who continued to threaten us with a phone call to that would have had us all ******, all through the power of his pay and go mobile phone. We did not realise that this sort of technology was available to the general public and believed that only James Bond possessed such devices.

Anyway this brings me to my point, why do people from such towns believe that they can take on the world, they are not invincible and will meet someone bigger and stronger than them. Surely this is a lesson that should be taught by their drunken parents at an early age. Obviously this individual’s parents had skipped this chapter of how to be a good parent book or maybe just burnt the book entirely, surely believing that they knew because they were from Strood and could have a man ****** through the use of a mobile phone! The man continued to threaten us but eventually was pulled away by his more sensible friends who parents had read the book on parenting! As per above me and my friends had attended the local nightclub but I feel that we will not be patrons of the establishment for some time because of the crowd that it attracts.

How grim is your Postcode?