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Being a youth of Stevenage and being one of the few non-cahv/chavetes i find it really annoying, my class is full of people who use starnge words that make no sense calling things “safe” when they are cleary just sitting waiting to be “skanked” by some ****. strings of unitilectual words such s “oh my i aint dun nuthin no way was dat me”

A youth in my class at school came to school one day with about 20 rings on her hand that were supposedly “24 carrot gold” and when asked to take them off a section of un-intellegable garbage came out sounding something like “oh my why da **** shod I take em off, I aint dun nuthin wid em”
and at this some more **** members of the class noded in agreement so the next day in walks this ******** with da same rings on yet this time they appear more green than gold and she claims “tis coz I av an lergic action to gold”

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