You can’t walk down this town before coming to a bench on a corner next to a road which a group of ****’s sat there.. “eww giv ez a tab” they say the same thing everytime you walk past even if you have told them a million times that you don’t smoke. Or those, you know, those that are sat outside the local off licence waiting for some poor person to walk past and then asking them to go in and get a bottle of Bella brusco and a cheep bottle of cider for them. It’s no wonder that “bargin booze” now has a sign on the window saying “buying alcohol from this shop and selling it to people under the age of 18 years old is illegal and those caught doing so will be prosicuted”.

Then there’s my sister.. I used to think my brother was the biggest **** about but my sister just takes the biscuit. She walks in the door with her hair planted some what ontop of her head. My brother complains about his gel going missing and as soon as she walks in we know where its gone.

She has this burberry jacket on that’s revolting and makes her look like a giant bagpipe and giant earings ******* from her ears. She has this “ragdoll” necklace that cost absolutly loads and is totally disgusting and she walks in stinking of smoke and oozing off cider and think’s she’s solid. You say boo to her and you get “ere al knock your head off”.

How grim is your Postcode?

She also is one of those that have a warped imagination.. Once i was walking down the street and her friend comes up to me “ere yewa lisa sez that she knocked you out wif a fone” and i’m like.. what?!

The local leisure centre security guard.. now i feel sorry for them. They seem to get a buzz from ******* around outside the Leisure centre because it’s right next to a police station and they think that they are so hard if they get arrested off the police. So they hurdle abuse at the poor security guard everytime he ask’s them to move.

Now the “fashion” might variey to where you live but I don’t know how they get away with it. They look so scruffy. You see girl’s that look like they have been tango’d because they are wearing so much make up and then they have big baggy jackets on and skin tight jeans tucked into these really manky rock ports and sometimes if you are lucky you see their sock’s over the top. Then they have that many rings on their fingers (half of them stolen) and that many earings in their ears its a wonder how they do it.

The boys are not as bad as the girls but they have the famous burberry hats that are ontop of their head yet not actually on their head.. kind of resting on the top of their head. They then have a strippie henry lloyd top on generally dark blue and white with tracksuit bottoms and a pair of white trainers or rock ports.

Spennymoor is defo one of the chaviest places I know and its just unfortunate that I have to live here

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