Southport – At Least Blackpool Has A Selling Point

I’ve lived in Southport since I was three and I grew up with the false idea that Southport was like ‘a middle-class Blackpool’. The idea that I was lucky to live here was forced upon me from a very early age, though I was never too keen on it. At least Blackpool has a selling point. We have f*ck all in this graveyard.

When two of your main selling points are a Lawnmower Museum and a Model Railway Village, you attract a certain type of tourist: The elderly. The only young life we have here is the twenty something year old ******-addict woolybacks who are more interested in getting drunk in front of the arcade or ******* around the KFC in town, spitting on the floor.

The amount of single mums who somehow manage to push another scally crackhead out every year or so for as long as they physically can is impressive. At least they’re bringing more youth into the town, but not the good kind. They’re giving birth to future ASBOs who will undoubtedly do nothing with their lives.

More and more shops are closing down because the once middle-class population is dying out and now the benefit scrounging **** are coming in. That’s nothing against those in poverty, but there’s a difference between those trying to make a life for themselves, and those more interested in ****** and f*cking a new slab of meat each week. I think you can figure out which type Southport boasts.
So don’t bother coming here, unless you like watching this generation’s hopes and dreams get washed down the drainpipe.

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