Living in Scunthorpe
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in East Midlands, Lincolnshire, North East

Scunthorpe…. The name says it all! When I first moved here in 1994 chavs existed, but they were mainly isolated in their chavpalaces in the westcliffe or riddings areas. These days they are littering our streets with their chavness.

Nowadays you cannot go into town on a half term/saturday/holiday without chavs and chavettes being in your face and occupying the seats in all the “quality” eateries in the centre. The peaks of their caps at 45 degrees to the vertical blocking out the rest of the light for all the chav trainees that love to munch in their. Now apart from the obvious population of chavs, Scunthorpe is actually a very chavvy town by its own right. 3 Maccy D’s & 2 KFC’s; a multitude of £1 shops (The everything £7 shop closed down as it was too pricey) and Netto! There’s only 1 Burger King as it’s too high quality for chavs!

Morrisons car park is often populated with chavs sitting in their put-puts with nothing better to do than slurpe on a brain hemorrhage beverage from Maccy D’s. And when they’re finished… where better to put your rubbish than neatly dropped out of your lowered car window!

Now the clubs!!! You can grab a granny at The Pepper Lounge or if you’re feeling lavish pop along to Time where it costs a fiver for an absolute shite night out! Music’s s**t, dance floor tiny and the women that frequent the place… I wouldn’t touch them with my pet gorilla’s meat! The pinnacle of nights out in Scunthorpe has to be Club 2000!!! If you want a fight, go there! If you want to see good looking birds watch the porn channels on sky!

Now there is a lesser known chavinn called Cre8.. £2 a pint/double/bottle/etc. after 10pm on a Friday and saturday and the place is swarming with chavs too tight to pay for Time or Club 2000.. The dance floor is often littered with chavettes trying to shake their asses to songs such as Basketcase. Don’t get me wrong Cre8’s great for music!! Just too many chavs.

Perhaps it’s me but chavs cannot fathom when they’ve had enough to drink and cannot manage another pint. Speaking of drinking! Whats with chavettes and straws in bottles?? Ladies(???), if you wanna drink out of a bottle then do. Don’t use a f*****g straw to do it!

The steelworks polluted air is often broken by chavs playing their ber ber ber music out of £10 speakers in the back of their £50 Corsas.

Their are two things good for Scunthorpe:

  1. Scunny utd were beating Chelsea after 8 minutes.
  2. It takes about 5 minutes from the town centre to get out of the dump and go to a better place!

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  • Wobung

    Cedric is a disabled person you insensitive moron.

  • Rude Hellerman

    Having moved to the Scunthorpe region (note) about 35 years ago I can honestly say that it is crap and believe me I have travelled more than most on here. Most of the shoppers in town look as if they’ve escaped a zoo or asylum(like Cedric or Norman to name two)! However, I note that many industrial towns are the same and they’re run down dumps quite simply because there is little money due to low wages.
    It should be evacuated and nuked.

  • It would appear you’ve not been to Portsmouth (pronounced “Force Miff”.

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