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Saltdean would to a tourist seem to be decent place but if you were to walk through the park you could come across CHAVS. after buying drink and shotting it they can become quite loud. You can identify a chav by looking at them and if they have their football socks tucked in to their trousers and either a burberry hat or a TN hat. Another place for them to hang out is by the local church or down the football club. I think saltdean used to be another nice place but now is classed as a place where all the community of chavs hang out.

I think that they all live near by the local shops on Lustrells Vale. Also on the beach in the summer they all have a drink and then end up doing daring things off the wall and groins in to the sea. If you were to walk past a group of them be aware they will stare at you as you walk past them. They is always up for a ruck. The 16-17 year olds are the worst.

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