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just think….

think of a town in the 60’s,70’s,80’s and most of the 90’s that was compleatley chav free and music was good and everyone loved it!

Now imagine a town full of chavs. A chav to the left….and one to the right! Every shop filled wiv em! Every corner! You can’t go into any where that sells alcohol without getting asked to buy alcohol for an under aged chav!

Imagine a place where not only is there chavs from 10 and up….but they start as young as 2 now! They are everywhere!

Imagine a place where you can’t walk 5 steps outside without hearing 50 cent, eminem or disy rascal!!!!!!!!

This is actually a real place!

This place is called rubery!

I live there!

Never ever go there! I am warning you! Do not go to this village/town unless you are there to see some of the few great bands from the village. One of these bands inlude black rose! They hope to remove chavs from earth with the power of music! But this music is classic blues, prog and rock!

thanks for your time…..i hope i have helped!

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