Royal Leamington Spa

WarwickshireWest Midlands

Leamington was probably one of the nicest towns in the west mids before the chavs invaded. Leam is somewhere in between Coventry and Birmingham( the chav sources). In the last few months leam has turned from a town full of life to a town full of chav life.

The chavs have a few hang outs. The first being top park, situated near the basketball courts. This is where all the “chav magic” happens. They smoke, drink and even shag at this park. It isnt even a park, its just a maze of paths and grass, but yet they like it. People used to love going up there in the summer, but now they cant sit down with out a rude boy crew hasseling them. I suppose people just gave up.

They also hang in the shopping centre, The Royal Priors. This is where the slags, the rude boys and all the chavs go to make trouble. You will find the rude boys hanging over the sides on the top level “hollaring” at the slags, the slags flirtin with the rude boys and the others just fill in the gaps. You cant move in there for all the chavness.

Leamington used to be the place to be, for everyong until the chav invasion, its such a shame. Ive heard around that Leamington is becoming the new coventry, and i hate to admit it but i agree. The chavs from cov and birimingham have smoked all the fags, drank all the drink and bought all the bling in there own towns.

I here now that the Royal is being taken Leamington Spa. And the chav invasion continues…..

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