West Midlands

Redditch is the shitest place you could actually live or be in.  It is full of druggies… The most rough place ever

Last week we had loads of things going on, One person jumped off a bridge, another jumped off a bridge in another place, then someone got shot, someone got kidnapped,someone got stabbed, this all happened in one week. If you know whats good for you, you wouldnt go there.

The papers and other people try and make it to be the top place ever but its really not! I have lived here all my life and i cant wait to move out, im looking now actually , dont know where im going and i really dont mind as long as it is out of this little s**t hole.

Redditch shouldnt even excist! its only a small place but alot of people are weird and loads of things happen round here, they have no decent schools either, Ridgeway Middle School is the worst out of them all in my oppinion, i used to go there, i couldnt wait to get out, i pitty all the kids in that place now.

Redditch is not a place to bring kids i as you proberly have gathered from the kidnapping i mentioned earlier, Its a bad place to bring the kids up.

Kids around here go round drinking underage,smoking underage,doing drugs,getting pregnant,having sex underage,shooting people,stabbing people and all sorts, most of the incidents involve kids around here.


By: Chloe

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