Purbrook (Heath, Widley & Crookorn)

South East

Purbrook is situated on the outskirts of Waterlooville and over the last 5-6 years there has been a rise in the **** population. This is due to the increase of broken condoms and females getting up the duff so they can live on the genuine tax payers. The actual Purbrook **** population usually populates from the Purbrook region situated South of Widley and is slowly starting to Populated area’s of Widley near Purbrook Park School and the Stakes Hill Road. Combined with Mill Road shops and Crookorn shops now controlled by 24 hour security, the once beautiful Purbrook heath is now marred with bottles of Omega cider, *** buts, grafitti, noise pollution and intimidation. During the summer months the heath has become the **** place to hang and spark up a joint.

It has been because of the **** culture that once such a beautiful village called Widley has been affected so heavily by the Jordan *** squeezing, Burberry image affecting twats of the council estates and although its easy to condemn these children much blame has to be rooted to the television icons they see and they’re parents. Purbrook heath’s renovation for a play area including a basketball 3point court and an indoor football cage has somewhat made the place become more flavourable and what was the nearest Tennis courts in a 5 mile radius has slowly become unuseable. It is clear to see that Conservative leader for Havant, David Willets has been trying to improve the crime in the area by introducing a crowd dispersion order in the biggest square metre distance in the whole of the United Kingdom covering the outskirts of Waterlooville, Central Purbrook and Southern Widley.

The roots of this areas problems lie within Purbrook Heath, Portsdown Hill and central Purbrook and the extended violence and anti-social behavior has crossed the border from its original habitat of Crookorn and spread itself to the more youth populated Purbrook and Widley. Unfortunately due to a new housing system being initiated in Widley countryside it would seem problems can only get worse although I much hope these will not be council houses but bought by big spenders or genuine asylum seekers. There are also many **** orientated pubs that are notorius for violence after closing time such as the Fox & Hound and The Centurion although they’re are some friendly pubs within the Pubrook and Widley area such as The Woodman and Hampshire rose providing they’re isnt an England or Portsmouth game on. For more information, or you are interested in my general assesment of other towns across the area, please visit my website at http://jamesjoell.tblog.com

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