Pelton – “Village of the damned”

North East

A small Village on the outskirts of Chester-Le-Street, Pelton could be mistaken for a quiet, friendly miners village. However, at quarter past 3 (quarter past 2 on a wednesday) the hordes descend from Roseberry comp upon this **** ******** s**t hole to go home and get changed out of their “school uniform” (usually consisting of a black tracksuit and a school jumper) and into a more colouful tracksuit (mainly a light grey or a dark blue) and converge upon the only place in Pelton that will accept them (allbeit grudgingly) the youth center, which has recently been renovated, and is now literally falling apart. You will hear “tha new monkey” (the north east ****’s music of choice) blasting from within “tha youthie” and regularly see ***** of varying ages venturing from the building to the co-op next door to stand outside and harrass people until one of them agree’s to go inside and buy them some ****…. The local **** clique the PBA (Pelton Barmy Army) are often seen cohorting with their freindly neighbours the OBB (Ouston Bad Boys) and fighting with the CLSM (chester-le-street massive) all because one of their members had insulted a member of the opposite “crew” on facebook, or because some one had “nicked their lass”. When not fighting with one another, a favourite pastime of the Pelton resident is “goff bashing”. They will spend their weekends drinking cheap cider or wine from their parents cupboard under the sink (maybe aided by taking a few “cowies”) and hunting down those of us who don’t dress like they do and “bashing” us. Pelton’s one claim to fame is a newspaper article published in some local editorial of note, exclaiming Pelton as the “village of the damned” saying that youths carry around large knives threatening passers by and set fire to alot of things. Most of the PBA now carry said article in their socks of in their tracksuit pants (if they have zip-pockets) and wave them around as some sort of badge of honour. Having lived in Pelton for a few years myself, it amazes me that no one has actually posted anything about this amazingly s**t place to live….

By: Anonymous

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