PADSTOW – Rick Stein, Sea & C**V GANGS!

CornwallSouth West

Padstow, such a nice holiday resort, Rick Stein (Celeb. Chef), branding everywhere (well he is the only source of income for the town).

There’s also lots of nice little shops too (ok he’s not the only income but main income) and a nice little harbour to walk around.  Padstow isn’t too different from the nice picturesque villages of Mousehole or Perranporth or towns of St. Ives etc.  And nothing like the sh*t holes of Penzance, Newquay or Camborne.

The only problem is…  C***S stuck there as they don’t have jobs!

There’s unfortunately a gang of over 25 kids and adults (all c***s) who literally sit in the town’s bus shelter every night getting p*ssed up and taking goodness knows what, and then proceed to taunt and try to beat up as many visitors as possible that venture by.  Read on, i’ll tell you more!

I recommend you visit the place sometime, drive past the harbour, take a right, and look to your left before the road turns into a usual 6ft accross Cornish Street and notice how all the time, one little lad stands up to try to  lure people into a fight, only to let them find that his whole c**v s**m of a family and his c**v friends (of 25 or more people we counted) are sitting down out of view armed with bottles to smash the victims heads in.

The police (who we used to break the s**m up) don’t seem to care one bit about the problem and I have been told by one of the Drugs Police officers (typical they’d know the place) that they’ve only ever had one code 0 (sh*t come and help!) and that was in Padstow.  I’ve also met people who have had their faces cut up with bottles by this gang.

So why doesn’t Rick Stein tackle this problem instead of talking about how nice his fish & chips are?  (They’re not that good at £9 in summer btw, and certainly not worth a gang-bottling).

Anyway I think it’s purely because he doesn’t know the problem exists in his town.  I’m a great fan of his shows, and this was the only reason I visited Padstow.

Thanks a bunch though, you nearly got us all killed by C***s!  Can you put that on your show next time ——-> (Warning… if visiting Padstow, bring knives or guns or books even, to ward off the c**v s**m).

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