Nuneaton and the Manor Park ‘Massive’

WarwickshireWest Midlands

Despite ‘Spanner Park’s’ reputation it is incredibly hard to spot a townie within the confines of the school. Maybe I am not looking hard enough, or maybe it’s the fact some have even managed to become prefects, hiding behind their red detention books and ties, but I simply cannot find one in Year 10. A miracle you say? Not so. The schools clamp-down on all things **** have simply made them more defiant and angry. Chains, Visible Jewellery, Hoodies, Caps, Trainers and Coats (Yes, even in the winter) are all banned from inside the school building. Outside is the only safe haven. For the ***** it’s a quick ciggy behind the Drama Studio or outside the school gates before coming into class 15 minutes late. Me and my fellow footballers are granted the small liberty of wearing our football trainers during break and lunch but the same rules apply to all. It’s -5 outside (Excluding wind chill) but as soon as we are inside (Even though it’s probably the same temperature inside) it’s coats off, trainers off and for the younger chavage it’s bling off and time to work.

Work!!?! o(>_

As I said earlier, it is quite hard to spot ***** at Manor Park. Most ***** like to be labelled as such but not so at good old MPCS. Here, it’s usually less obvious. No sovereigns or chains but the good old trackie bottoms and either footie tops or brand-name tops still prevail, even with the supposed ‘cooler kids’. It’s not that they can’t afford Elizabeth Duke bling (In most cases), just that they don’t like to be called *****. We’ve even got the ‘wannabe’ ********* who all wear the same old denim trousers/skirts and white jackets and T-Shirts.

Manor Park is a diverse community. We have a large range of small groups within our ‘microcosm of society’. The following descriptions are usually for ‘Dress Down Days’ (DD-Days)

  • Goths –few and far between
  • *****/Townies – hard to spot or wannabe *****. some ‘cool’ year 10’s can be put into this section
  • Emos – they don’t realise that by listening to softcore punk and wearing black- square rimmed glasses makes you one of these
  • Skater – suprisingly few
  • Individual – usually intelligent and cool. most are prefects or will be when they are in year 10.
  • Geeks – none/matter of personal opinion
  • Dress Americano – im in this group. usually wearing blue/black canvas boots with dark/light blue jeans and some abstract t-shirt in summer or rock shirt in winter.

    The school isn’t as bad as it used to be but still isn’t excellent. For the ‘normal’ people like myself it’s a great ride. For the ***** or wannabe *****…not such a thrill.. :]

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