Neath Neath Neath
Its between Swansea and Port Talbot – this should tell you enough already, and i have the misfortune to live there.
My usual experience of the town centre (I commute to work in the week) is thankfully limited to Saturday shopping – where you will find the usual array of pasty pock faced youths and scraped back ponytails. You know the score, spitting and swearing in the street, ******* around the mobile phone shop and the market and congregating by the ****** fountains outside Safeways. At least these are tempered with the more “normal” members of society going about their business. The real **** effect begins however, I have discovered after having to call into town on a day off, in the week, when everyone else is at work.
Legions of 15 year old girls pushing prams – none of whom seemed to have realised that no bra and a midriff exposed to the world is not a good look if you weigh more than 15 stone. Scrawny pasty hooded and burberry capped scrotes trawling the streets – its like the lost world!!
The proverbial buscuit was eventually taken earlier this year however when 2 ***** murdered the local tramp – and the rest of the **** community decided to lay flowers and loving dedications at the spot where the poor old bugger usually sat drinking sherry (in his life of course they had made him utterly miserable with endless taunts and abuse)
One really enlightened individual remarked to the local press that “Phil the tramp was Neaths princess Diana”
His distant ****** family then all came out of the woodwork declaring how much they cared about him (but wouldnt of course give him anywhere to live!)
Top Neath **** Spots
1. “Supercigs” discount *** store
2. “Bargain Booze” – was also popular with the tramp until he got murdered
3. The market – which would actually be nice if not for the faux burberry ***********
4. Argos – need I say more
5. Woolworths – the true sign of a **** is that stealing from the pick & mix counter is still appealing when they are in their 20s
Neath Neath Neath

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