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well .. what can we say about millbrook .. its a delightful place especially with the 14 year old pregnant girls don the corner shop asking for fags and booze for the babys of course .. nah wnt be too harsh … but if totton and lordshill are chavs then what the f**k does that make you .. you walk around with your greasy hair slicked back into a ponytail so bloody high you look like youve got some sort of donkeys dick glued onto it .. and your earring big thick gold things and no not the real gold .. im talking bout that asda – george s**t that turns your skin green ..  i guess thats bad karma from stealing it even though its only like £1.50 but you need that for your bus fair to “rep up ” other places cos u think your well badman aint that right 🙂 and dont get me started on the big groups of chavvy lads with their tracksuits .. their big dogs on a lead .. called spike and butch with the spiky collars their like f*****g little jack russells .. why the f**k would we be scared of them or youu .. those hoodys are so big you look like a f*****g penguin or summit with the flat caps sticking out underneath them .. and not being funny have you s**t yourself cos your trousers are so low your shits weighing them down .. but i wopnt turn nasty all i know is any place that has a mcdonalds , a casino , a pub and a corner shop and a church and nursry next to eachother cnat be good at all !!! im off much love

  • Yes i live in millbrook and it is a sh*t hole however maybush is attatched and it has never had as much bad publicity when we all know it is a sh*t hole there are all the little blonde chavvy girls that walk round thinking theyre cool and hard they also all drive stupidly faded yellow sh*t cars.
    maybush is attatched to millbrook and there is no reason why we get all this sh*t, its a f**king sh*t hole aswell they have a sh*tty corner shop which all the chavs ‘hang’ outside.

  • S

    Don’t know how I came across this but it made me laugh. I’ve lived in Millbrook my whole life, I’m 18, not pregnant and I never stood outside shops asking for cigarettes or booze. I don’t look or sound ‘chavy’. Before you judge a whole area on something you’ve seen you might want to dig a little deeper, just saying.

    • Ryan

      I don’t know who wrote the lead article but he sure can’t spell or punctuate his entry. No doubt now one of British benefit recipients. !!!

  • Sofia

    okay, let me tell you about Millbrook, to all you idiots who are like ‘Millbrook aint even got a McDonald’s’ yes it f**king has, its right by KFC and tesco express! we dont have a casino. the nursery is by mansel school not a pub. Millbrook aint even that bad. we do not all have greasy hair.. we have greasy hair as much as every other f**king place. so f**k you. f**k your mother. and f**k your father.

  • sian

    There is a mcdonald’s – just off millbrook roundabout. Assuming that is classed as Millbrook… Tbh I get a bit confused where Millbrook ends and Maybush begins.

  • Get your facts straight!

    Sorry, I thought this was about milbrook, because, that is NOTHING like Milbrook!! It does not have a McDonalds for a start! Casino? Are you confused with Blackpool? Millbrook????? hahahahahahaha!

    Thats not a review, thats been written just to talk rubbish, make things up and swear.

    You sure your not a chav??????

  • Someone who actually lived in Millbrook

    You are a douche bag. Millbrook has about 100 people in it with the average age of 40. There isn’t a corner shop, McDonald’s or a casino. There is a pub, but no one from the village goes in. There is a church, but it’s on a hill and happens to be gorgeous. There is a nursery but it’s no where near the rest of the village.

    Nice research, d**khead.

    • Ryan

      There is a McDonald’s and a KFC at Millbrook roundabout where the Fighting Cocks pub once proudly stood.

  • pondy123

    well i hang chavs .. summit we have in common 😉 chav killaa

  • Have you ever been to Millbrook?

    There is no McDonalds in Millbrook

    • pondy123

      your clearly special ! if you think theres not a mcdonalds in millbrooke you soft twat !

  • Ive killed five chavs

    you sound like a chav yourself