Mere Green- Revenge on *****

West Midlands

My friends and i have a great hatred towards *****, especially the ones in our local area, Mere Green (info about the area in another post). Over the years the tracksuit wearing **** has robbed our ****, our mobile phones, our money and on one occasion a pair of shoes. They are like a plague terroising this upper-middle class area, fueled by drugs and cheap cider.

Over the past 12 months my friends and i have been getting our own back on the burberry clad morons for all the pain and anguish they have given us. We do this by means of the ‘egg mobile’ and around 50 eggs. The ‘eggmobile’ is a Peugeot 206 and is covered in crusty egg. Once we are all armed with eggs we drive round the area and egg every possible group of ***** we can find, thereby ruining their expensive burberry, nike shoks and rockports, and at the same time giving them the pain of an egg in the face at 50mph. My friends and i have become very accurate and this gives us weekly pleasure before and after we pop down the pub for a few pints.


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