Marchwood- ‘Weed Central’


Basically, Marchwood is full of weed operating little *****. They all cant wait too get their next 10 bag before school in the morning. They never used their proper names, nearly everyones has a nickname, e.g. ghoust, doltX, rizzla. They dont have enough money too buy food so the local **** monger chloe xxxxx chores hot chickens from the superstore tescos in applemore. Parents cant even afford a house with more than one bedroom, so they waste there dol money and build a small anex out of breeze blocks and stick a sofa init.. this is where the partys are held. may i clarify, they are ****. Apparently, they make up al types of sayings, such as ‘that was funny’ + ‘same’ even though these are words in the english dictionary. They invlove gingers, fattys, stoners, and people who are tall and white like a rizzla. thankyou and goodnight marchwood.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2020