Mid GlamorganWales

When you come to Maesteg, your **** alarm will explode! Wherever you turn, there is always a **** there, either smoking, or riding a ****** old bike. The majority of *****, come from either Caerau (a sub-town of Maesteg) or Oakwood (a council estate based in Garth, another sub-town of Maesteg). You rarely see goth’s and emo’s in Maesteg, because of it’s high population of *****.
Maesteg is located in Mid Glamorgan of South Wales, UK. This small town, based in the Llynfi Valley, is in between Port Talbot and Bridgend. The majority of this town are ***** and townies. Goths, emos and other non-**** groups are rarely seen in Maesteg. Most of the children start out as sweet ‘mommys little angels’, but as time develops, they become burberry wearing, foul mouthed, terrible ***** with a unique bad attitude. Society will always have a negative outlook on *****, and they have every right to. Most ***** in Maesteg spend their time pissing off people that are different to them or hang out smoking in the bus shelter in the town. The majority of ***** in Maesteg, come from the more poorer areas of the town such as Caerau (a sub-town in Maesteg), and Oakwood (an estate based in Garth, another sub-town of Maesteg). Around the schools, all you see are **** fights. They usually have stupid nicknames that they call each other by. The ***** in Maesteg will do anything for ‘****’ such as bricking the windows of elderly citizens or even "actin’ ‘ard in front of da teacher like, innit?". Maesteg is now a rough place because everytime the council did something to improve it, the ***** would wreck it. So if you ever come to Maesteg with a weapon, please, go **** hunting!

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