Luton – no end of *****

Luton! nuff said really but i’ll giv ya a few places where the ********* hang. Co-ops all ova the town have ***** workin behind the counter servin their own sorts of ppl. Theres a shop called ‘Half Price Jewellers’ in the Arndale – it was MADE for *****, full of the ‘classiest’ jewellery (gold chains and soveriegns galore) – Cheap prices for Quality gems, also Argos bling is another common occurance with *****. The town council have even invented a shelter thing where all the p-heads can go and drink outside on the streets! Its aimin straight at the towns biggest population- the *****! Also the ‘market end’ of the arndale used to b considered the place for the best of the ***** – but since they moved Wilkinsons to the other end and they started to sell clothes(!?) in there , theyve moved along to the main entrance end spreadin their vibe allover the centre – theres no escape.

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