Lurgan, craigavon

Northern Ireland

Upon entering the town of lurgan 2 things are noticable, the smell and the ammount of chavy *******. They actually think they have gangs. one such "gang" is the albert street crew or as they call themselves "Da Alberto street crew yero laud!" whatever the **** yero or laud means. Lurgan ***** are about the same as all of the other ******** only with 1 major difference. they dont know what the word **** even means. One common past time is going to some older ***** house and sniffing cocain from an old coffee table that will no doubt be used as a bed for someone by the end of the night. another common past time is waiting around in allyways for one of the local dealers or someone with connections to dealers to show up or waiting on someone to go into the offlicence to get them a bottle of buckfast which will probibly get them drunk when they finish 1/2 of it. or atleast theyll act drunk to sound cool. The ****** **** suckers tend to sound like ducks aswell. this is most likely from spending their childhood smoking weed.

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