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Lowton is situated just off the east lancs road and close to the m6.Basically its the road to Leigh…

“Leigh: the armpit of the northwest. The bedpan of the nation. roll up, roll up, see the whordes of chav bastards who roam the streets like a plague of filthy vermin. Oops, did I say ‘like’?”

Three pubs and a take away buttie shop ,post office,sunbed shop ,school,labour club and newsagents. so theres a plenty of room for inter_breeding .lets get to it:
The Buttie shop is run by a well off chavette who greets you with”Whats yours, Ill be with you in a minute, They were before you” when she realises you are a class apart.
she sports a von dutch cap ,outside is a new mini cooper with a magic tree hanging from the mirror.
Her voice is like an upper class rugby league player,rough as hell.
the blokes are all dressed in overalls with ‘toetector ‘ industrial steel toecapped boots. wizzing by are 205s and corsas galore.visit lowton a little piece of reverse chav.where the women are all chavettes and the blokes are all scaffolders.a dangerous mix in the eco system so if you want your teeth kicked in,give it a miss.
to be continued………

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