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Loughton is part of the “Golden Triangle”. Other towns that make up the other parts of the triangle are Chig-Chavistan and Buckhurstill

A real mix exists here of the between the tradional “class system” types who live in the Hills (Alderton, Traps, Tychrust, the leafy streets of Upper and lower park, the avenue and spring grove. And the expensive The Lindens and Alderton Mews areas.

Loughton also has newer homes with plenty of space for ***** as well as council estate that is now around 80% privatly owned. Most of the people there are older but have given birth to a wonderful breed of delightful *****. They cant get enough of Zee and Co and the orange spray tan shop.

Unlike chigwell which has a huge Council Estate (limes farm) and is linked right on to the the slums of fairlop and hainult and then down to barkingside Loughton is mostly surrounded by forest and farmland.

The burberry is most likely to be real, and the cars are new (but still made by ford). Blue smoke from the exhaust and the sound of a buzzing exhaust is very popular in the local high street.

The real “Loughts” that live in the above mentioned roads rarely attend the high street and often work and shop in the city of london. There is a central line station which until recently was often loaded with ***** on friday night. Pavement pizzas and mouth drunk girls are all part of fun night out for chavesters at this des-res (desirable residence) town.

***** homes are easy to spot!! Unlike the Loughtonian dwellings of the class types you will find little grass on the gardens. Tires and crips packets seem to be in an abundance as do oil stains and england flags.

If your visiting be sure to check out the kings head and the holly bush in the high road!! U cant miss it for kids and caps and people with walking in the road being sick.

This town really is a delight to compare the two ways of living!! But be aware, the “loughts” really get pissed off and will call the police at the first sign of trouble. The Lindens now has its own american style security team who will quickly move any ***** well away from road.

This town really is Big Mercs V Phat beamers.

Nearby you have Chig-Chavistan so you meet up with the ethnic buds, and then harlow is just 18 miles away as is the wonderful southend. If your looking for **** central then parts of this town need to be on your must have list!! Come and visit and admire the wealth and laugh at the *****!!

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