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I know that many people have included most towns (if not all the towns) in this greater London Borough. I thought I would make a collective viewpoint of how these chav / Ned / spidey scum start to take over. Firstly you have the central chavdom of Romford in Havering. With all these cloned town shops (JJB sports, Argos, etc) how could your average chav resist? Them at night, well Romford just becomes a place of small minded idiots getting ‘well bladdered’ at local establishments like the night club Time and Envy, where all 15 year old sluts are welcomed in by the purvey bouncers. Ohh and you may think chavs are age restricted to under 25 at the most, not here if you ever have the joy of looking in to the window of the bar Trax you can see 40 year old chavs trying to ‘chat up ‘ 15 year old girls. Also you can experience the joy of one of England’s longest running markets in Romford where you can pick up all the chav bling you could ever want. Then there is Elm Park the place where a man try to tell three chavs to not to use swear words in front of his children, they then beat him up and left the guy permanently brain damaged. Then there is Hornchurch where as another member of this web site said you can frequent the local Lloyds No 1 pub where the local chavs can drink all they want and then start fighting just outside the pub on the traffic Island letting any visitor to Hornchurch think she/he is in a war zone. If you do ever go past Romford train station, there is an electronic billboard and it quotes every now and then ‘Havering, London’s greenest borough. Instead of being pleased about being London’s greenest borough, chavs will got to local nature reserves and country parks like the Airfield in Hornchurch and set fire to as much of the bush land and woods for fun. Then there is the Mecca for chavs to live, the Mardyke, with many council tower blocks there and local 14 year old sluts offering a good time for as little as a ten pounds. Ohh and how can I forget Harold Wood where if you cycle with a helmet on, you get local chavs in their Ford Fiestas shout out at you as they pass you, to try to make you have a road accident. Also, you might as well visit Harold Hill whilst you are here, where if you stand at a local graffiti infested bus stop, you may get shot at by a chav passing by in a car with a pellet gun or a paint ball gun. For any more detail of the area including the other chav infested towns of Upminster, Collier Row and many more, just look in the weekly local paper, The Romford Recorder. This usually has all the listings of stabbings and beatings that happen in this lovely area.

By the way I have been to many other places mentioned in this web site like Belfast, Edinburgh, many other London and Essex places, Brighton, Norwich and many more places. These all have chevs/neds/spiders that are really bad, but if it’s the stare of a ‘I want to kill you’ look, then Havering tops the bill.

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