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The Redneck ***** from Liskeard in Cornwall are not sure where they hang out now as the Council in there wisdom have closed all the Public Toilets except one. That one is too small for all the ***** from Liskeard and the surrounding outbacks to be able to get into for their Nightly Meetings, although it is not through lack of trying.

So they are reduced to spinning there Wheels with there Music Blaring away through the Narrow streets of Liskeard from car park to car park, With there Large bore exhaust pipes echoing from the walls of the buildings either side of the narrow streets. If you dare to complain you end up getting your own car windows smashed and no matter how many ***** are around at the time It seems strange that non of them saw anything, This could be because they have been blinded by the brightly Coloured Neon lights brightly shining from there car even when its not Christmas.

No matter how much everyone complains, nothing is done about them and this from a council who rejected the opening of a travelodge motel on the outskirts of the town, because they did not consider it to be suitable enough for a town such as Liskeard. What could they mean? If only they had allowed one to open at least the ***** would have had another Toilet to hang around in and once again a purpose in life, The Dictionary defines ***** as “a young person often Without a high level of education who follows a particular fashion” For The Redneck Liskeard ***** you can safely add to this “Mindless individuals who when not with there Redneck Chavvie mates are poor Lost Souls with no purpose or aim in Life, Blinded by the bright lights of there **** Buggies ” when instead they could easily be given a purpose in life and be employed by the Liskeard Council on a Public Toilet refurbishment programme then they should bring back Cornish Tin Mining and they should be driven down the Mines in there **** Buggies never to be seen or heard of again.

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