lillington – Leamington Spa

the ***** of lillington are known as the lillington crew or the crownways barmy army,they hang around at crown way shopping area where they press the emergency help button ,throw stones at the cameras, untie peoples dogs so that they can run off. In previous attacks they trashed over 50 cars and happy slapping. A member of the so called lillington crew has been sent to prison for happy slapping,

i had my garage door spray painted with a number of tags like

Last night it snowed and there were about 50 youths aged from 12 to about 17 all throwing snowballs at on-coming traffic. They opened a taxi door and throw snowballs in the car and at the driver.

They have a number of cameras around the estate i would say about 7 big cameras and about 13 little cameras and this dose not stop them
even if the police come they hurl abuse at them and empty vodka bottles

How grim is your Postcode?

they are one of the most talked about gangs in warwickshire
there are other crews like
thorbes estae crew
the dell boys
warwick crew
But none of these compare to the lillington crew,
The campion hills area of lillington has a newly built bmx track but this is often distroid by motox bikes that are verry loud and dogs get scared,
they also race up and down buckley road on mini motos about a group of 3 – 4 not waring a helmet over taking buses
on october 31 {halloween}i was on a bus on my way home from work and the bus had to stop because there was 3 cones in the road and when the bus driver got out the yobs hurld a traffic cone at the front windscreen causing it to shatter

thank you for reading this i will keep you posted on iformation around the lillington estate ..

thank you

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