Launceston – A peaceful town turned ****

There’s no doubting my current town used to be a nice place to live, it was once known as “the gateway to Cornwall”, oh, how things have changed.

I’m not exactly sure when this invasion started, but the the place has become so over-run i get the feeling some people are too scared to go out.

It all started with the Boy Racers, fair i’ve noting against people driving cars and having fun, but when you hear and see a poorly “pimped” Nova with body parts more commonly seen in a Hotpoint showroom strapped to the car body, driving pointlessly around the town with some godawful exhaust pipe with holes drilled in sporting that “fake turbocharger noise”, playing out their techno music for all to hear don’t blame me for getting a little angry.

How grim is your Postcode?

The real problem though, is the Mopeds. This i really cannot understand, why the hell would any respectable person want to drive on this contraption that sounds like a hairdryer. What gets me about these “drivers” apart from their “burnout” and “skidding” antics is their “drive-by insults”, apparently this strimmer on wheels turns them into some kind of superman.

I’ve come to expect it though, the random insults, running into roads into the path of oncoming cars (why oh why do they stop?) and the generalised bad attitude and “look at me i have a pladtic necklace so that gives me the right to go up to anyone and start throwing abuse, no matter how big they are and how small i am”.

i think some pain needs dealing, i’m not a violent person, but when a 4ft skin head who thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread starts throwing insults at you, wouldn’t you get a little ticked off?

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